More time running. Less time injured.

We're all about performing gait analysis & strength training that is as realistic and potent as possible

Refined scientific method fit for real-world conditions

More than 2500 onsite running gait analysis completed

Using the best technology currently available
7 years of wearable biomechanics experience

Trusted by the world's best

We've been fortunate to work with many of the world's leading shoe companies, running technology companies, therapists, coaches and runners. This includes the world's top running teams and world's fastest marathon runners. 

Our Services

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| Gait analysis

| Strength training

| Running coaching

Where we measure

Remote: from runners in any location who can collect data and send it to us

Onsite indoor: with runners where the only option is to be tested on a treadmill

Onsite outdoor: with runners working out in their regular environment (best)

Gym: with runners during targeted strength training

What we measure

Before running

Running specific joint range of motion

Running specific muscle force output and muscle balance

Running specific functional movement competency

During running

Background: Pace, elevation

Fundamental: Step rate, stride length, vertical oscillation, power, leg spring stiffness

Bilateral: Flight ratio, ground contact time, ground reaction force, impact, braking, footstrike, pronation excursion, pronation velocity

Hip/pelvis: Pelvic drop, pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation

Extra: Muscle sEMG (upper leg)

During strength training

Muscle sEMG, force, velocity, power

Who we work with

Individual runners, teams and groups looking to be proactive with injury prevention

Clinics that would like to expand their services to include professional gait analysis

Coaches that are interested in reducing the risk of injury to their runners

Running stores that want to enhance their shoe selection and fitting experience

Where we work

Runfisx helped me understand my running using remote gait analysis. The insights I gained were extremely valuable and allowed me to understand why I had been getting injured and how to address the issues for the future. I'm very grateful for the help and looking forward to pain free running!

Arne Thomassen. Runner. Copenhagen, Denmark.